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I need a certain feature, can this be added?
Acclamare and Net*Connect are continually adding new features and capabilities, so if there is a feature that you need, let us know about it! If it is a feature that can benefit everybody, frequently it gets added into the base product. If it is a very specific feature, we have programming staff on hand as well as source code to make the modifications you require.
What technology is Acclamare based on?
Acclamare and all the Advantage products are based on the Microsoft stack of technologies -- .NET and Microsoft SQL Server.
Is the PC Charge software included with Net*Connect or Acclamare?
No, you must purchase PC Charge separately


Will Acclamare run on 64-bit?
Yes, Acclamare will run on both 32 and 64 bit systems.
Does Acclamare support MS SQL Server 2000?
No, you must have either MS SQL Server 2005 or 2008.


What design options are there for Net*Connect?
There are 10 different themes for the site. A theme controls the background and colors of the controls (buttons, menus, grids, etc.), but does not change the general layout of th site. If you would like to change the layout of the site, we have design and programming expertise in house, or we routinely work with 3rd party design firms to get the look you want.
Can I edit the pages on my site myself?
Yes! An integral part of the Net*Connect base package is a Content Management System that lets you add or edit your own pages.
How many product categories can you have?
There are no limit to the number of categories. Additionally, can nest category and sub-categories to as many levels deep as you would like.
Is Net*Connect targeted for B2C (Business-to-consumer) or B2B (Business to business)?
Both! Net*Connect allows you to accept orders from both existing Account Customers and new retail customers.
I have some special requirements for our website, can Net*Connect be customized?
Absolutely! Net*Connect is built in such a way to make customization and extension as easy as possible. We routinely work with 3rd-Party design firms to customize the base package to fit the look that you want.
Is there a limit on the number of customers that can login to my Net*Connect site?
No --you can have an UNLIMITED number of customers use your site, there are no restrictions.
Do I need any special software to use Net*Connect
No, any browser will do, though we do recommend you use the latest version of the standards-compliant browsers such as FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Chrome

Item Upload Utility

Do I have to have Acclamare to use the Item Upload Utility?
Yes, the Item Upload Utility only works with Acclamare.


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